Browser Annoyances

Internet Explorer 7 annoyances on Vista:

  1. Open IE7 to
  2. From the Page button choose "Send Link by E-mail", which on my system opens a new Windows Mail message.
  3. Select a paragraph in the CNN article using the mouse and type "Ctrl C".
  4. Paste into the email message using either right click Paste or "Ctrl V".

The selected paragraph doesn't get pasted; the clipboard has its previous contents.  Surprisingly, if a new email message is created by the "Create Mail" button in Windows Mail, pasting works fine.

Firefox 3 annoyances on Vista: none

Copyright 05-Sep-2009 Mickey Segal.  Thanks to Tom Porterfield and Jim Chen for help on workarounds and fixes.  If you have workarounds, fixes or more annoyances to add please let us know.  See also Vista Annoyances and Windows Live Mail Undermines Mobile Computing.